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Restore Your Balance

Balance Your Body, Elevate Your Health: Experience Jacob AcuBalance Clinic.

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Balanced Healing: The Path to Wellness

with JB Therapy at Jacob AcuBalance Clinic

Welcome to Jacob AcuBalance Clinic, where we primarily utilize JB Therapy to focus on restoring the body’s natural healing abilities and correcting posture through our specialized treatments. Our unique acupressure method works through the brain to deliver immediate effects, emphasizing proper body alignment and enhancing innate healing processes. This alternative therapy effectively treats various ailments and maintains optimal health.


At our clinic, we provide a systematic assessment and tailor individualized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient. Our goal at Jacob AcuBalance Clinic is not just to manage symptoms but to address the root causes for true recovery. We are committed to supporting your journey to a healthier life.

Welcome to Jacob AcuBalance Clinic, your partner in health and wellness.

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Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy, Choose Jacob AcuBalance Clinic?

It can help with

Help with

*High blood pressure, Diabetes

*Mental - depression, insomnia

*Brain- migraines, stroke, dementia

*Kidney (dialysis), uterus, prostate

*Carpal tunnel syndrome, Plantar fasciitis


High blood pressure, Diabetes

Harness the power of acupressure to aid in managing hypertension and diabetes. This non-invasive therapy targets specific points on the body to restore balance and stimulate natural healing capabilities. Acupressure can help regulate blood pressure and improve blood glucose levels, offering a holistic approach to these chronic conditions. Experience the benefits and take a step towards natural health and wellness with us.

Mental illness: Natural Relief for Depression and Insomnia

Explore the benefits of acupressure for mental well-being with treatments specifically designed to alleviate symptoms of depression and insomnia. This gentle, non-invasive therapy promotes relaxation, enhances mood, and improves sleep by stimulating key points on the body. Experience a natural approach to better mental health through our specialized acupressure treatments.

Brain - migraines, stroke, dementia

Our specialized treatments can aid in managing symptoms associated with migraines, stroke, and dementia. By targeting specific points on the body, acupressure helps to improve circulation, reduce stress, and enhance overall neurological function. Experience a gentle, natural approach to supporting brain health and improving quality of life.

Kidney (dialysis)

Explore the potential of acupressure to support kidney health and aid individuals undergoing dialysis. This gentle, non-invasive therapy stimulates specific points on the body to enhance kidney function and promote detoxification processes. Acupressure can help alleviate some symptoms associated with kidney disorders, such as fluid retention and fatigue, offering a complementary approach to traditional treatments. Experience natural support for kidney health and improved well-being through our specialized acupressure treatments.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This non-invasive therapy targets specific points on the hand and wrist to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and restore functionality. By applying gentle pressure to these strategic areas, acupressure can help release the pressure on the median nerve, offering a natural and effective approach to managing discomfort associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Experience relief and improved hand mobility through our specialized acupressure treatments.

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